High Plains Boiler Service, LLC.
1 - 806 - 670 - 9107

High Plains Boiler Service offers complete boiler room care with 25 years experience.
Contact us at 806-670-9107 or by using the contact us tab above.

Boiler Repair, Service,Boiler Controls, Boiler Parts, Service Contracts

Serving Amarillo, Texas and surrounding area

Our Services

 We offer a full range of boiler room care.

*Control Upgrades - simple or touch screen capable                                    * Our published Labor Rate is $70.00 per hour with no hidden fees.

*Inspections / Combustion Efficiency Testing                                                  We do not charge for mileage, nor do we charge for the use of any

*Service Contracts                                                                                             trade specific equipment such as analyzers, tube rolls, etc... 

*24 hour Emergency Response and Parts                                                      * Hours are billed portal to portal from our shop.  Overtime is billed

*Water Softner Repair                                                                                       past 8 hours in a day at 1.5 times the standard hourly rate.

*Pumps and Valve Repair                                                                                

*Technical Support                                                          


                         * Our goal is to treat our customers fair so that they stay customer for as long as they are in business.

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